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UETF — a highlight of summer 2023


From 17-19 July, over a hundred translators and interpreters met up in Luxembourg for a UETF hosted by the European Investment Bank.


This in-person event, our 10th, came five years after the 9th edition in Brussels back in 2018—a lull due to disruption from Covid-19. Expectations were high and feedback has been particularly enthusiastic, for which we are grateful.


We would like to take this opportunity to extend warm thanks to the organizing team at EIB, to our speakers, to SFT Services and to all SFT volunteers for their invaluable assistance.


Note that our friends and colleagues at ASTTI, the Swiss translators’ association, are already hard at work preparing next summer’s UETF. We urge you to track their site for upcoming announcements of dates and details.


We look forward to seeing you in Switzerland in 2024… and back at an SFT venue in 2025.


UETF co-organizers: Chris Durban, Dominique Jonkers and Gotzone Perez